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Is your organisation truly safe from cyber-attacks? Do you understand your risk profile and can you proactively access fast, relevant and accurate information around your vulnerabilities and attack surface from the darkest parts of the internet?

Phishing emails have soared through the pandemic, but what tactics will cyber gangs deploy next?

To find out, book a personalised webinar re-run where ex Special Forces and Intelligence Services cyber forensics experts from iFORCE Security will share real experiences and share their unique insights on emerging threats and how to counter them.

  • See how cyber attacks are evolving, from phishing attacks to physical breaches, with a real end-to-end case study of an operation to infiltrate the inner sanctum of a global telecommunications provider.
  • Understand how Special Forces and Intelligence operatives approach the components of a security strategy in sequence, not in parallel.
  • Learn how big-data powered threat investigation modules can help your Threat Intelligence Teams searching for deeper context, real-time threat research and analysis from across surface, deep and dark web.

This webinar demonstrates the sheer number of alternative routes to network access, but more crucially, the ever-present and pervasive danger of neglecting to protect your people, information, and reputation from these threats.

By arranging a one-to-one webinar re-run, you will:

  • Receive a first-hand account of a discreet and wholly successful infiltration operation conducted by ex-Special Forces and Intelligence experts.
  • Get access to a unique process to identify all possible threats and vulnerabilities that often remain undetected.
  • Learn to approach the components of your security strategy in sequence, not in parallel.

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